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Who I am...
1.Civil Rights Leader

William Edward Burghardt Du Bois, was a very famous man born on February 23, 1868 in Massachusetts. He grew up in a primarily white neighborhood and became a very educated man. He began his education from attending Frisk University from Nashville. He later completed and graduated from Harvard with a Ph.D.. He wrote many books that led to the Harlem Renaissance. DuBois greatly accelerated civil rights by speaking out against others that want segregation. He spoke to thousands of people and faced against a famous man called Booker T. Washington. In 1905, DuBois gathered with others to form Niagara Movement which later turned into the forerunner of NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). Throughout his life he continued to work as a author, teacher, and educator.

What I'm famous for...
1. First black graduated from Harford with a Ph.D.
2. Civil rights movement.
3. Journalist

A sample of his work:
The Philadelphia Negro
"The student of these questions must first ask, What is the real condition of this group of human beings ? of whom is it composed, what sub-groups and classes exist, what sort of individuals are being considered ? further, the student must clearly recognize that a complete study must ' not confine itself to the group, but must specially notice the environment; the physical environment of city, sections and houses, the far mightier social environment—the surrounding world of custom, wish, whim, and thought which envelops this group and powerfully influences its social development."

How his work fits into the Harlem Renaissance...

DuBois' work talked about the idea of desegregation and he was strongly in favor of it. The Harlem Renaissance was a representation of DuBois' dreams and ideas coming into fruition. His work also progressed the Harlem Renaissance with his works on the sociology on crime which stated that the African American crime rate was decreasing as the 2 races became more and more equal. He also wrote "Black Reconstruction" which exemplified the important role that blacks played during the American Civil War as well as the Reconstruction period in the south.


Old Age at Africa

Academic Links:
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Fun Links:

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